UK tax law now runs to more than 23,000 pages - ten times the length of the Bible. And this is not stopping. Each year a new Finance Act adds hundreds more pages.

There are also more than 600 cases ayear, plus statutory instruments, HMRC guidance and other material.

You cannot keep up to date with this avalanche of change. But we can.

That is why we can come to your premises for a tailor-made course. We come to your premises to train your staff to your specification.

Give us a call on 020 8224 5695, to discuss your requirements. Our charge is just £1,500 a day for a whole day, or £1,000 for a half-day. This is plus VAT and any travelling and accommodation expenses. This figure includes provision of notes.

These prices are fixed until the end of 2020.


In the meantime, please feel free to explore this website.

There is also a comprehensive DICTIONARY of tax terms. This contains more than 22,000 definitions in more than 1 million words. And it's yours to use, absolutely free.

There is a detailed NEWS blog of tax and related news going back to 2011. It is fully searchable. Just click on the News tab at the top of the page, and type in a key word in the Search box.

There are ARTICLES on different aspects of tax and related disciplines. These provide simple introductions to subjects. They may be freely downloaded and even sent to clients.

And finally, you can listen to TAX TRAINING'S GREATEST HITS by the Nil Rate Band. It can be heard from here.

What more do we have to do to get your business?



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