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SNP manifesto

The Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) published its manifesto on 27 November 2019 for the election on 12 December 2019. As the party is only contesting the 59 seats in Scotland and none of the other 591, it cannot form a government. The manifesto gives an idea of what it would demand to support a left-wing government. It has ruled out co-operating with the Conservatives. GENERAL A second...
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Conservative manifesto

On 24 November 2019, the Conservative party launched its manifesto for the general election on 12 December 2019. The main policies include: GENERAL deliver the "oven-ready" Brexit deal already agreed with the EU by 31 January 2019, and conclude the implementation period by December 2020. more spending on the National Health Service and other public services. TAXATION not increas...
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Labour party manifesto

The Labour party published on 21 November 2019 its manifesto for the December 2019 general election. The manifesto has no section on tax. The tax provisions listed below have been taken from comments throughout the manifesto. Significant points include: GENERAL bringing rail, mail, water and energy into public ownership providing full-fibre broadband free to every home negotiat...
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Liberal Democrat manifesto

The Liberal Democrat party launched its manifesto on 20 November 2019. Most of the manifesto argues its case for remaining in the UK, rather than setting out new policies. Those policies include: stopping Brexit by cancelling Article 50 creating a Brexit Support Fund of £7.5 billion to support those adversely affected by Brexit uncertainty. Although not in its election manifesto as s...
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Green party manifesto

The Green Party launched its 2019 general election manifesto on 19 November 2019. Main points include: GENERAL a commitment to spend £100 bn each year to counter climate change remaining in the EU while seeking reforms TAXATION replacing income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, dividend tax and employee's national insurance with a single consolidated income tax taxi...
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Universal Credit Transition Fund

On 1 November 2019, the government announced a £10 million Universal Credit Transition Fund. From April 2020, this will be used to assist vulnerable to claim universal credit. This is designed to assist care leavers, disabled people and those with mental health issues. [19.11]
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Support for fracking ends

The government withdrew support for fracking in England on 2 November 2019. This follows a report by the Oil and Gas Authority which found that it was not possible to predict the probability or magnitude of earthquakes from fracking. Fracking was permitted under controls by Infrastructure Act 2015. It seeks to obtain shale gas. [19.11]
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Charging points league table

On 2 November 2019, the government produced a "league table" of charging points for electric cars by area. This shows that: London is the best provided area with 4,000 points there are now more charging points than petrol stations there are still 100 local authorities with fewer than 10 points per 100,000 population there are 15,000 charging places. Further details can be downl...
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Child abuse response

On 4 November 2019, the government published its initial response to the investigation into child sexual abuse by Bishop Peter Ball and in the diocese of Chichester. This repor was published in May 2019. The government indicates that it will amend Sexual Offences Act 2003 s21 to ensure that clergy are within the definition of those regarded as being in a position of trust. [19.11]
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