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SNP members walk out of Commons

SNP members walked out of the House of Commons during prime minister's questions on 13 June 2018.

Their Westminster leader Ian Blackford was questioning the prime minister on why powers relating to Scotland and to be repatriated from the EU were not being passed to the Scottish Parliament. The government denies that Scottish views are being ignored or that SNP members have been prevented from raising their concerns.

He said that the SNP view was not heard in the previous day's debate. He asked for an immediate vote in the matter.

As the prime minister started to reply, the Speaker John Bercow MP ruled that he would accept a motion for a vote at the end of questions.

Blackford repeatedly refused to sit down in a bear pit atmosphere of shouting where the Speaker struggled to be heard. Bercow then ordered Blackford to leave the chamber whereupon all the SNP members walked out, some making defiant gestures to the Speaker. [18.06]