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Green party manifesto

The Green Party launched its 2019 general election manifesto on 19 November 2019.

Main points include:


  • a commitment to spend £100 bn each year to counter climate change
  • remaining in the EU while seeking reforms


  • replacing income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, dividend tax and employee's national insurance with a single consolidated income tax
  • taxing investments at the same rate as for work
  • abolishing the personal allowance and replace it with UBI
  • increasing the employment allowance from £3,000 to £10,000
  • introducing a universal basic income (UBI) of £89 a week to all residents sufficient to cover an adult's basic needs. This will be funded by a new carbon tax
  • increasing the rate of corporation tax to 24%
  • widening the scope of profit subject to corporation tax to include dividends, share buybacks and other forms of distributed income
  • replacing, over time, business rates and council tax with a new land value tax (LVT). This means land could be taxed more heavily when infrastructure improvements are made, such as a new road. This will also absorb SDLT, ATED and other taxes on land. LVT would be levied at 1.4% of land value
  • introducing (another) carbon tax on fossil fuels
  • removing the VAT exemption for domestic flights
  • removing VAT from hotel and holiday homes in UK to discourage foreign holidays
  • a new tax on meat and dairy products


  • scrapping most income-related benefits on the introduction of UBI
  • giving pensioners £178 a week, with further increases for lone parents and the disabled
  • paying to families with an income of below £50,000 a year an additional £70 a week for each of their first two children, and £50 for a third or subsequent child
  • a ban on nuclear power stations and fracking
  • ensuring that all homes are properly insulated by 2030
  • ban on advertising flights


  • additional charge on aviation fuel for domestic flights
  • introduction of a Frequent Flyer Levy for the 15% of people who make 70% of all flights
  • banning sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030


  • increasing the living wage to £12 an hour, and extending it to workers from the age of 16
  • restricting the maximum wage to ten times the lowest wage paid by the organisation
  • banning bonuses of more than the annual salary of the lowest paid worker
  • installing a 40% quota for women on major company boards
  • providing 35 hours of free childcare for children from 9 months old
  • scrapping student fees


  • creating a new criminal offence of "ecocide" for crimes against the national environment
  • requiring a 10-year guarantee on white goods, and other measures to prevent planned obsolescence
  • a ban on less energy-efficient domestic appliances
  • a ban on single-use plastic products
  • extending the charge for plastic bags to plastic bottles
  • giving farmers grants to replace plant with low energy equivalents
  • planting 700 million more trees
  • banning new road building and airport expansion
  • scrapping HS2 rail line


  • relaxing the rules on drugs, and introducing taxes on them
  • requirement for carbon capture in manufacture of iron, steel and cement
  • increasing foreign aid from 0.7% of gross national income to 1.0%
  • cancelling Trident nuclear weapons system
  • ending the Help to Buy programme. [19.11]