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Unilever to drop fossil chemicals

Unilever said on 2 September 2020 that it would drop chemicals made from fossil fuels from all its products by 2030. The company’s products include cleaning materials such as Cif, Domestic, and Sunlight. The company says that fossil chemicals make up 46% of its carbon footprint. Replacing them with sustainable ingredients will reduce that by 20%. [20.09/26]
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Parking fines

The government is clamping down on penalties issued by private car parks, it announced on 31 August 2020. The proposed measures include: • a cap on the maximum penalty (possibly to a maximum £20) • a 10-minute grace period before a penalty can be issued • a requirement for clear display of pricing terms and conditions. The changes will apply to the whole of the UK. In addition, ...
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Children’s social care

Amendments are made to regulations in England regarding children’s social care during the coronavirus pandemic. The changes broadly allow for some interviews to be carried out by telephone, video or other electronic means. Some information may be collected at a later stage in a process, such as medical information about potential adopters. The Adoption and Children (Coronavirus) (Amendment)...
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Eviction from rented residences

From 29 August 2020, new laws restrict the ability of a landlord to evict tenants from their homes. Notices served on or before 28 August 2020 are not affected by these changes. Landlords must now generally give their tenants six months’ notice before they may evict until March 2021. Existing tenants whose evictions have already been stayed may not be evicted before 20 September 2020. There...
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Heating costs in Scotland

On 31 August 2020, Scotland introduced measures to pay a new Child Winter Heating Assistance in winter 2020. This is the first disability benefit introduced by the Scottish government. Families with children in receipt of the highest rate care of disability living allowance will receive an extra £200 toward heating costs. The benefit will be paid automatically without the need to make a claim....
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Refunds and cancellations during lockdown

On 28 August 2020, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) gave its views on the law regarding cancellations and refunds during the coronavirus pandemic. The general view is that a consumer who has paid for goods or services that cannot be provided because of the pandemic is entitled to a full refund. If a contract is partially affected by lockdown laws, a consumer may be entitled to a ...
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